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Working for

a smart and sustainable


València is already a benchmark as a smart and sustainable city. We are one of the first three cities in the world to be double certified in the measurement of progress by the SDGs and active in various international forums that work to make technology an ally for sustainability, well-being and people's quality of life. We digitalize the present to improve the Valencia of the future.

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public, free WiFi

also very fast

València is the first large city to join this European network of public, free and high-speed wifi internet, already available in nearly 600 access points in public spaces throughout the city, such as squares, gardens, beaches and municipal buildings. A network that will continue to spread through neighbourhoods to tackle the digital divide and seek the right to the internet, a connexion is also more than a hundred times faster than the previous one.

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Garbage containers

that warn

before they get filled

València has launched a pilot project for intelligent waste management. Smart garbage containers that report in real time whether they are about to get full to avoid overflows and optimize collection routes. An intelligent strategy to advance in cleaning and sustainability that we are already testing in 262 glass containers and recyclable light packaging.

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all the data,

street to street

Valencia has thousands of data painted on the map. With Geoportal you can locate available bikes; know which streets are closed or what is the availability of places in the car parks. You can check the state of the traffic in real time or the extension of the cycling network. You can also find out which are the closest garbage and recycling containers, libraries or museums, find out the whereabouts of the bus you are waiting for or get information about a large monumental tree. All this and much more, two clicks away.

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easy peasy.

Very soon Valencia will have more than 1000 smart parking spaces on its streets. A pilot project for loading and unloading areas, places with reduced mobility and taxi stands that, thanks to sensors, will let you know where there's a free space just by looking at your mobile. An initiative for sustainable and intelligent mobility that will reduce unnecessary journeys and allow for better use and exploitation of the streets.

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to rescue


València already has an effective social fund, a computerized system that allows for the speeding up in aiding those who need it the most and guarantee their well-being and save them time and paperwork. It also prevents resourceless, vulnerable families from being cut out of their water supply. A component of the Smart City to rescue people and guarantee their rights.

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València al minut:

your real-time


It is happening and we are telling you right now. In València al Minut you can find real-time data in the single web portal. Where is the bus going now? What is the air quality in my area? Where are the streets cut off for works? What is the state of the traffic? Where can I find a free bike? All the answers and many more here.

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that are also

environmental sensors

Valencia will take advantage of 44 EMT buses to obtain real-time information throughout the city on air quality, temperature, humidity or sound levels, among other environmental aspects. Useful information to continue working in a smart and more sustainable Valencia.

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Valencia will turn 194 municipal buildings into smart ones thanks to the ConnectaVLCi project, co-financed with European funds. Museums, schools, markets and sports facilities will be able to save on energy consumption and gain in sustainability while offering new services to citizens. You can reserve a track to play sports, buy tickets in one click and much more thanks to these smart and sustainable buildings.

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