The Smart City Office works for the progressive incorporation of new high-speed internet access points in all the neighborhoods of Valencia thanks to the WiFi4EU program of the European Union.

Existing public Wi-Fi networks may join the WiFi4EU initiative as long as they meet the conditions and technical requirements indicated in the agreement, such as, for example, free access, no discriminatory conditions and respect for the brand requirements. València has thus chosen this strategy and aims to increase tenfold the access speed that has been offered so far and to start planning future extensions.

This service offers a speed of 30 megabytes per access point.
In the first phase of WiFi4EU implementation, more than 40 public internet access points have been completed, and in a second phase, work will be carried out to exceed 100 in different public spaces in Valencia.

With digitization strategies such as this, the Smart City Office aims to guarantee the citizens’ right for internet access, and tackle the digital divide between neighborhoods.




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The aim of the WiFi4EU initiative promoted by the European Commission  is to provide residents and visitors with high-quality internet access throughout the EU through free Wi-Fi hotspots located in public spaces. The vouchers financed by the European Commission through this initiative, of which Valencia is a beneficiary, are to be used to install Wi-Fi equipment in public spaces within the municipality that are not already equipped with a free Wi-Fi hotspot.