solid waste hauling and street sweeping monitoring

The aim of this project is to provide a single corporate computing platform that allows the integration of all the different systems in which information is currently being introduced by the areas that carry out field activities.

This platform will ensure the creation, development and implementation of a horizontal information tool that guarantees an adequate coordination of field operations in relation to the different activities of the city: maintenance, management and inspection, thus integrating on the VLCi Platform all the information that is extracted from the vehicles.


Sensorization of urban waste vehicles and cleaning


Smart City Office · Solid Waste


  • Increase synergies between the different municipal areas that perform field tasks.
  • Manage information from field activities in a joint manner, thus facilitating communication between areas.
  • Avoid duplicities in the activities, making it more efficient and avoiding inconvenience to the public.
  • Total integration in a single platform of the maintenance and common activities management of the different services of the City.
  • Enable a coordinated and agile response to situations that require the performance of field work in an unscheduled manner.
  • Broaden and globalize communication to citizenship about the characteristics and activities of the maintenance activity.