The objective of this action is to replace the existing GIS architecture with a service-oriented architecture that allows providing new functionalities to the Municipal Geographic Information System, as well as the migration of the applications used in the current environment to the new architecture.

This action aims to incorporate the geographical component as one more aspect of the Smart City, so that the city can be managed not only based on alphanumeric information, but also on the location where information has been produced related with the available assets of the City Council deployed throughout Valencia.
This will allow for a holistic vision of the city combining data, location, trends and indicators.


Impulso VLCi


Smart City Office · ICT Service



Integration of the information of the public and private car parks of the city or of all the lighting equipment through a single API (standard interface for use by applications) or the integration of the tax data for its advanced exploitation from the Geographic information system City Council (GIS).

The VLCi project has been growing, pivoting on the possibilities of integration of the smart city platform: with new FIWARE components such as the tool “UTool”, developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with new services such as the Council GIS Portal, better and greater functionality in the València App and new Municipal Management Dashboards.