This action is specific to the protection of a space as unique as the La Almoina Archaeological Center in València.
The protection of this environment includes the deployment of a meteorological station that together with the temperature and humidity sensors that will help to maintain the right environmental conditions in the museum and guarantee the correct preservation of the archaeological remains. Security will also be improved by means of presence sensors and video surveillance.

The obtained data is transmitted to the VLCi platform for monitoring of the environmental conditions of the Museum, enhancing real time alarms for a quicker security response.
The data can be visualized through dashboards or at the GIS Portal of the City Council. In addition, internal KPIs can be generated to know the evolution of the key parameters of the installation.


Impulso VLCi


Smart City Office · Artistic and Historical Heritage



  • 21 temperature and humidity sensors.
  • 8 lighting sensors.
  • 2 UV radiation sensors.
  • 3 gas sensors (NO, CO, O3, SO2, NO2).
  • 1 CO2 sensor.
  • 10 presence detectors.
  • 10 display breaking/opening detectors.
  • 5 motorized surveillance cameras.