The EDUSI project arises out of the need for a coherent technical structure to the telecommunications network of the Cabanyal-Canyamelar-Cap de França neighborhood of Valencia. It gives connectivity between its different public facilities, and connects them to the existing municipal network.

The designed structure allows for future expansions and provides municipal WiFi service to different areas relevant to the city’s economy and its citizens, thus offering connectivity and smart services in public spaces and council facilities.

The Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy of the Cabanyal-Canyamelar-Cap de França Neighborhood (EDUSI 3C VALÈNCIA) is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund-ERDF within the framework of the Pluriregional Operational Program España 2014-2020 (POPE). The total amount of actions to be carried out is 30 million euros, of which half come from Comunitarian Funds.

The lines of action of the strategy are based on an integrated approach to economic, environmental, climatic, demographic, social and participatory aspects.




Smart City Service


optical fiber

In this project, 8 municipal buildings in the Cabanyal-Canyamelar neighborhood have been provided with municipal Fiber Optic

  • 360 meters of new pipeline
  • 7360 meters of 64FO single-mode Fiber Optic
  • A GPON network is provided to 9 lighting panels in the neighborhood
  • 15 new Wi-Fi points are installed to improve coverage in the different municipal buildings.
  • 35 Wi-Fi points distributed along the beach promenade connected by radio link antennas to the health post.

Connected buildings

The connected buildings are the Integrated Water Cycle, the Maritime Police headquarters, the Rice Museum, the Queen’s Library, the Maritime District Board, the San Pedro 35 Center, the Cabañal Market, the Musical Theatre, the Municipal Board and the Health Post.
As part of the installation of the Wi-Fi network, the buildings Museum of Rice, Queen’s Library, Maritime District Board, San Pedro 35 Center, Musical Theatre, Municipal Board and the beach promenade are also provided with Wi-Fi equipment.

Installed Equipment

The installed equipment adds up to the racks and network electronics in the integral Water Cycle and the Maritime Police headquarters as well as in each of the buildings, the Wi-Fi antennas and the UTP cabling inside the facilities as well as the access points on the seafront.

GPON systems have been installed in the public lighting cabinets, in a star connection with an OLT header.

Access to new technologies is key to facilitate the development and integration of citizens in an increasingly connected world. The Valencia City Council promotes it through digital literacy and practice, the improvement of the internet infrastructure, the generation of solutions, applications and digital instruments that stimulate activities related to social and cultural integration (training, culture, leisure, attention to people), sustainable mobility (traffic regulation, public and sustainable transport, information in public spaces), redevelopment (sensorization, information, Wi-Fi networks), promotion of economic activity (commerce and tourism), housing (communication and telecare) and governance (information, transparency, management and participation) .