This smartphone app provides citizens as well as tourists with an intuitive and agile mechanism to communicate directly with the City Council.  AppValència integrates in a single setting all the information related to the city and it is configured as an innovative platform to enhance participation.

Thanks to the the great implantation of mobile devices in nowadays’ society, the City Council aims to close the gap between city, citizens and tourists.

AppValència allows its users to find nearby services, consult bus and metro/tram itineraries, stops and flow, and lets them set alerts and notifications to keep them informed of all relevant news.

With AppValència the user can, avoiding commuting throughout the city, carry out multiple inquiries and procedures, administrative or otherwise, that are already available on the City Council Online Services website.




Smart City Office · ICT Service



Access to the City Council news and municipal campaigns. At the spot, always up to date, always online.

Find out about upcoming events, music concerts and festivities. Enjoy the Fallas with all manner of detailed information and share it on social networks.

When you need it, where you need it, the way you want it.