This project will allow local organizations and institutions to connect, share information and promote collective work among entities and citizens.

It will consist of a platform that will agglutinate the action of all existing associations at a neighborhood level in the city of València so that synergies can be generated.

Likewise, it is intended to improve communication about what happens in the city at a neighborhood level, to approach associations and their work to citizenship and improve municipal and cultural agenda management  and communication with these associations.




Smart City Office · Citizen participation Service

Sustainable Development Goals 11 sustainable cities communities



It will allow generating social, cultural and leisure performance indicators. An automated municipal agenda will be available globally, with the georeferenced events, as well as a registry of neighborhood entities / associations.

The system will allow for the creation of at least 2,000 private spaces (microSites) for use by associations or collectives previously authorized by the València City Council.