The project presented will provide with connected NFC smart readers circa 300 points of use throughout the city of Valencia (museums, monuments, tourism businesses… ). These readers will serve tourist purposes and otherwise.

They will be supported by a network of 5 smart tourist information offices, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, where tourists and visitors can consult information, purchase tourist products or collect orders which they may have made in advance or while visiting the city.


Impulso VLCi


Smart City Office · València Tourism Foundation


This project goes hand in hand with the project also presented by the València City Council for the virtualization of the MOBILIS card. These projects complement each other and will provide the city, once they both are fully functional, with a wide network that will feed with thoroughly connected data which will be available for consultation, purchase, and tourist consumption.

This network will in turn be of real value for the tourist and will materialize in greater consumer satisfaction and lesser impact of tourism on the city, thus resulting in a more sustainable tourism for a smarter city