One of the functions of the Smart City Office is collaboration in the transformation of city services. Specifically, in the drafting of technical specifications for contracts. This contributionis is brought to life by the inclusion of certain “Smart Clauses” aimed at obtaining interesting data that can be further processed by the City Platform.

The Smart City Office assumes the generation of a report on the inclusion of Smart Clauses in the contracts likely to adopt them.


Smart clauses


Smart City Office



Information from the city services can be used to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency. The collection of this data allows for obtaining performance indicators, identifying synergies, as well as for offering transparent information to citizens, thus advancing in the objective of achieving a more efficient and integrated city management.

In order to move towards a more open, efficient and sustainable city, any service that is preparing a technical draft from which data can be obtained, and when that data can be an indicative of value for citizens or the City Council, can request an “Smart Clauses” inclusion report from The Smart City Office.